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The International Standard for Risk Management AS/NZS ISO 31000:2018 defines a risk as the effect of uncertainty on objectives.


The prime objective of Foti International Fireworks is to successfully incorporate artistry, creativity, professionalism and value for money at a level of risk that is as low as reasonably practical to all stakeholders. The risk management framework that Foti International Fireworks embraces strives for continual improvement through the monitoring and reviewing of current policies and procedures whilst communicating and consulting with stakeholders to identify, analyse, evaluate, treat, monitor and review new hazards and risks that are present.


Foti International Fireworks is committed to making the necessary resources available in order for the risk management process to be effective in maintaining its objective.


Foti have manufactured specialised pyrotechnic devices for defence industries in Australia and internationally for over 20 years, including training simulation, signalling, special effects and time-delay devices. In 2008 Foti completed stage one of their $5 million storage and manufacturing facility, signalling a new era in their development and manufacturing capability. Foti’s quality-driven manufacturing is supported by ISO9001:2015 QMS certification for the manufacturing of pyrotechnic devices.


Foti undertake tailored research and development projects in the pyrotechnics field for third party customers and are known for delivering results that are cost effective, timely, practical and above all, successful. Foti have demonstrated skill and experience in developing their own innovative pyrotechnic products as well as bespoke pyrotechnic manufacturing systems that achieve safe, efficient and precision manufacturing.


The Foti storage and manufacturing facility at Marulan is set on 200 acres and exceeds storage safety requirements and regulations by a fair margin. The facility is the closest storage facility of its type to Sydney  with a current capability of more than 100,000 kg of Class 1 explosives storage.

Foti offer both short and long-term storage services to the mining explosives, pyrotechnics and fireworks industries.


Motivated by the goal of producing the safest pyrogen electric igniter available on the market, years of development saw us commence using our own Australian-made e-Match since 2009. After more than three years of field testing in various conditions and applications, our e-Match has now been sold to markets worldwide including the USA, Asia and Europe. The Foti Australian-made e-Match is designed and manufactured for safety and precision, improved Risk Management for impact and friction sensitivity, lead and perchlorate free.

Risk factors associated with traditional pyrogen e-Matches include their susceptibility to ignite under conditions of pressure, either through impact or friction. With this in mind, the Foti family developed the Foti e-Match specifically with the goal of eliminating the potential risks from friction and impact but without compromising performance. This is the main safety feature of the Foti e-Match.


Foti International Fireworks have field tested and used the Foti e-Match in Australia over 10 years and in countless pyro conditions- from Sydney’s New Year’s Eve fireworks to countless nightly stage pyro shows, to close proximity arena displays- all with great success and firing accuracy.  

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