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Foti International Fireworks provides the total pyrotechnic management solution from beginning to end. Successful service delivery is measured by safety and performance which is achieved by Foti through the practice of Total FX Project Management. This is the ability to successfully design and deliver a comprehensive fireworks, pyrotechnics and special effects service with passion, innovation and integrity. Whether it be a close proximity impact moment or a large-scale extravaganza, you can expect the best from Foti International Fireworks. 

People are the key to delivering a world class events. Foti are proud of ourcrew and the culture of teamwork that exists within the organisation. Foti employs over 100 staff members nationally
who are adequately trained in all types of productions. 


Foti International Fireworks’ company capability extends to all types of productions.  This includes outdoor fireworks displays, stage and indoor fx, television, sports and stadium events, film and more. Refer to the Showcase to see demonstration of Foti in action as well as the products page to see the range of effects Foti have to offer.

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